Hotel Looken Inn, Lingen

Four-star hotel in a unique location

Building owner: Looken Inn GmbH

Town/City: Lingen 49808

Location bonus no. 1: a hotel could scarcely have a better location. The Looken Inn opened in Lingen in September 2016 and has an ideal location between the station and the town centre. The fashionable inns are just around the corner and the historical Town Hall and market place are just a stroll away through the pedestrianised zone. The magnificent view from the roof terrace, part of the spa zone, underlines the hotel’s central location in the Emsland town.

Location bonus no. 2: The fact that the Looken Inn opted for Kampmann air conditioning technology has nothing to do with the fact that Kampmann is also located in Lingen – the decision was solely down to the company’s expertise and product quality. And naturally the company’s proximity was a further benefit: when it came to advisory discussions, deliveries and commissioning – Kampmann people could simply “pop over”.

When a guest enters the Looken Inn, he is confronted by a spacious, light-flooded lobby. KaCool D air conditioning is also installed there, as it is in the spacious breakfast room and adjacent restaurant/bar. A total of 11 ceiling cassettes, available in six sizes, are installed in the hotel. The panels have been painted to match the interior to blend in. KaCool ceiling cassettes provide heating and cooling, and can be integrated with ease into the building management system.

features also shared by Kampmann Venkon fan coil units. Fan coils are one of Kampmann’s best-sellers and have virtually become the modern standard for the air conditioning of hotel bedrooms. And with good reason, as fan coils are not just market-leading in terms of low noise levels – incorporating GreenTech EC technology, they are also extremely efficient, simple to maintain and hygiene-compliant with VDI 6022. It was therefore with good reason that Venkon fan coil units were awarded the CCI Trust Award in 2017.

But that's not all the Lingen air conditioning technology in the Lingen hotel: the diffusers also come from Lingen – emco Klima supplied the swirl diffusers, type DAL 358. The DAL 358 is the perfect solution for diverse ventilation tasks, due to their individually adjustable air guide system and high discharge air speeds at a low sound power level.

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Fan coils, recirculating air. Heating, cooling and filtering for maximum comfort.
KaCool D AF

KaCool D AF

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